An image of Bishop's House signature breakfast of brie shirred eggs

Our Favorite Recipes

If you enjoyed a bed and breakfast recipe while staying with us, you can make it at home. A few favorite country inn recipes from the Bishop’s House follow:

Bishop’s House Brie Shirred Eggs (Our Signature Dish)

Dice brie cheese and turkey ham, layer in bottom of ramekin, (sprayed with Pam). Add one-two whole eggs or egg substitute. Pour 1/3 cup heavy cream over egg layer. Top with fresh ground pepper. Bake in 350 degree oven in a pan of water for 30-45 min. (For brunch, add diced red, yellow, or green peppers and tarragon).

Peach Butter

Allow one-half pound of sugar for every pound of peaches, weighed after peeling and stoning. Pare and stone the peaches, which should be very ripe and mellow; cut into pieces and put through the press. Put over the fire in a porcelain kettle; let the pulp heat slowly and cook, stirring occasionally, until it is of the consistency of marmalade. Add the sugar, stir until it is dissolved and cook rapidly for fifteen minutes. Place the kettle on the back part of the stove, where the butter will not become cooled until it is quite solid. Pack in jars or tumblers while hot. (Helen Louise Johnson, The Enterprising Housekeeper, 1898)

Iced Pineapple

Select nice fruit, remove the outer shell and eyes. Hold the pineapple by the crown and grate it into a dish; then remove the pineapple into a glass dish, sprinkle a little powdered sugar over same, pour a glass of sherry on it, and let stand in the refrigerator for two hours. Serve cold. (Patented and Improved Method of Preserving and Canning Fruits, Vegetables, etc. Also, Pickling Fruits and Vegetables, 1890)

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